Who are we?

We are a team, and together we form a marketing agency specialized in designing ad hoc projects so that everything flows.

We have presence in Spain, Mexico and Chile. From there, we cover Spain, Portugal and Latin America*.

**with the service of consultant of speakers.

María Ale

Marketing director

Frank Machado

Chief Executive Officer

María Hammer

Project Manager

Sandra Anubla

Graphic designer

Borja D Ruano

Project manager - IT - Design

Marcos Ligero

Software development manager

Rhy was created in 2014 when Frank decided to undertake this journey.

Since then, new professionals have joined the team, keeping Rhy growing and flowing
We are an interesting mix of generations, from X to Z, which helps us to see things from different angles to provide the best solution.


To transfer our knowledge and passion for marketing to our projects in order  to transform them into unique experiences, helping our clients to reach their business goals. #Let’sAddTogether


With our work, creativity and commitment, we want to highlight the importance of marketing and keep generating satisfied clients, happy suppliers and employees, as the best path to success.


Creativity, Commitment, Trust and Honesty. Work according to our principles.
1. For me and for all my partners | 2. Don’t stop me now | 3. We conquer fear | 4. Glass always half-full | 5. Listening is wise | 6. Always looking forward to | 7. Be true to our principles

Our attitude: